Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Well, we are near the end of the pregnancy already...time has flown by!! I hit my 36 week mark yesterday and the countdown has begun. Josh is betting on the 26th, and it so happens there is a full moon that night so he could be right! We will see if we get to post Elijah's birthday first or if there will be some baby pictures first. I think Elijah understands a little of what is going on, we'll see what Ephraim thinks when Mommy's belly is gone all of a sudden and there's a baby! We have had a fun summer so far, I posted a few activities we have done since early June. Hopefully we will get to do a few more things before fall comes and school starts. Elijah will be starting kindergarten this year and he is really excited about it! Hope you all enjoy the pictures and hopefully we will see the new baby boy soon! :)
This is what happens when my boys have too much sugar! I thought it was pretty cute, he started dancing to the music all of a sudden. I took the video with my regular camera, I didn't take my video camera, so the sound quality is really poor. You can kind of hear the beat though anyway.

We're almost to the end! Here is my belly at 36 weeks...and I finally got a rocker/recliner! We found one in good shape at the D.I. and I cleaned it up and love it, I can't wait to rock the baby in a comfortable chair!

We had a little birthday thing for me at Josh's dad's house, the cake was really good!

We went nearby to Clearfield to watch the fireworks show, we got there a couple hours early and played around for a while.

Waiting for the fireworks to start with Grandpa.

We went to the Roy Aquatic Center for a few hours over the weekend. They have a lot of fun slides and water toys. There's a special section for the really young kids that only goes up to 2 feet or so, and there's an area for some bigger kids and some big slides for the adults.

Ephraim was a little intimidated at first, but Elijah jumped right in and had a blast!

I HAD to post this one...our ward rented some sumo suits for the adults at our ward party and everyone wanted Josh to wrestle with our Bishop (Yikes!). He had fun, and now has experienced some of the pains of pregnancy. :) Hopefully they do this again next year so I can challenge him and have some "marital counseling", haha!

The primary played a game, they threw a bunch of candy in the grass and the kids had to go grab what they could. It wasn't as violent as I thought it might be luckily, haha. Here is what the boys found.

Our ward rented a bouncy house for the annual ward party, the kids loved it of course. The priesthood holders had fun trying to only keep 10 kids in there at a time, there were some sneaky little kids popping in and out.

I thought my family might enjoy this...I went to our cousin Karen Zerkle (Peterson)'s baby shower a few weeks ago, she lives down close to Provo. She is also having her 3rd boy and is due a couple of weeks before me. It was fun to see her and visit with her for a few hours.