Thursday, March 25, 2010

Missionary Break.....

Here are some pictures of Josh's brother Curtis sent to us recently. He is in Chile on his mission. Looks like he's been having fun here and there. We thought the Ghostbuster car was really cool.

Spirit Bull

A friend and I were in charge of a relief society birthday program. We played the game show "Deal or No Deal: Service Edition" and had a couple of the men play "Howie Serve" and the Banker for us. The theme was service, if you can't tell, so instead of having dollar amounts in the cases, we had service items such as "2 free hours of babysitting". The women had a blast so we're happy it turned out so well. We thought it might be fun to come up with some commercial breaks so I brainstormed (and with help from family too I might add) came up with some scripts and had some volunteers from the ward be our actors and actresses. They turned out quite funny. Here is one we came up with. This one is my favorite of the 3 we made, my friend Krista is the wife, and she is due with her baby about 6 weeks before me. They did a great job of acting, very cheesy. You can hear my voice briefly in this one, I'm the teacher asking the question. :)


The sisters really enjoyed this one, we got some good laughs through the entire thing! Our relief society president was kind enough to lend us her acting skills.

Tastee Squeeze

This was based on an idea I got from Kenny & Melissa. Thanks you guys! It was put together by my friend at 3 in the morning the day of the program, so it unfortunately didn't get the same attention the other two did, but I think it turned out okay anyway...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, here he is! Another boy! Guess I'm going to copy my sister Merri, haha. He looks healthy and is very strong...already kicking mom in the stomach and giving her heartburn earlier than normal. I guess that means he might have more hair than the other two boys, we'll see. I was teasing Josh that if he pops out with lots of red hair then we'll have to name him Esau since he likes the bible "E" names...but that would also leave me with some explaining to do seeing as neither of us has red hair, haha. So, I am at 5 months right now and am due August 3rd but am expecting that he will probably come toward the end of July. I asked Elijah if he wanted a baby for his birthday a few weeks ago and he gave me a funny look. I had fun showing the ultrasound to him, he is getting old enough that he is beginning to understand a little better, but all Ephraim said was, "Eww! Gross!" when he saw it. :) So I will try to keep up with the belly shots along the way, nothing too exciting. Love you all!
Here is a clip of my ultrasound, I took the best sections from it as it is close to 10 minutes long. I always find it amazing when I see that little thing kicking around in there. About halfway through the video she was trying to get a good shot of his feet, but he was so irritated that he was kicking pretty violently, I could feel it. So if you watch closely you can see his feet briefly, that's one of my favorite parts. Also, right at the end you can see him moving his lips and sucking a little, very cute.

There it is! The boy shot...

This is him looking right toward you, creepy huh? Haha.

A shot of his profile, looks like the other boys doesn't he? :)

Here's my belly at 5 months.

Pose 2...:)