Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We are so happy to have a new baby boy! Everything went really well and mom is feeling pretty good already. We had a little problem with him being jaundice as we have with the other two boys, but this was the first time we had to use treatment for it. A biliblanket was delivered to us and we used it for about 24 hours on him. I went to the hospital and had him re-tested two days in a row and they reported that his bilirubin levels are in a safe range so hopefully they will still be there for his two week check up. Thank you to everyone who said prayers for him, I'm very thankful to have family and friends that love and care for us. I still have to take him to a urologist on Thursday to see if it is safe to perform his circumcision, but I'm certain everything will be okay. He is a sweet, healthy, very hungry baby...just the way it should be. Our love to everyone, hope all is well with you! Enjoy our most recent family pictures! :)
Enoch is a week old already, we took him to church on Sunday and mom dressed him up in a cute little preemie outfit that she couldn't use for the other two boys since they were so big. Here he is peeking at me while I'm taking a picture too...what a cute boy!

We welcomed our third son Enoch into the world on August 2nd. He was born at 10:11 am weighing 6 lb. 13 oz. and was 19 inches long. We were shocked at how tiny he was considering our other two boys had been over 8 pounds. It was okay with his mommy though, she will have a much faster recovery this time around. :) We are so happy and feel so blessed to have three beautiful healthy boys in our family.

We went to the Pioneer Day parade and the boys had fun watching cowboys shoot at each other (the baby didn't like that part all that much, he was jumping around inside of me). There was a motorcycle cop that stopped and gave the kids some little deputy police officer stickers and there was also a big group of missionaries in the parade. I think they got the biggest cheer aside from the group of soldiers that were also in the parade.

One of the boys' favorite parts was the train (more like a tram) that went by. Elijah snapped some pictures with his own camera.

Grandpa & Grandma James were able to be here for Elijah's birthday, he got some fun presents. He got some stuff for school and had fun buying a bunch of little dollar toys for himself with the $10 Grandpa and Grandma gave him. He also got a big bottle of bubbles, a flashlight and a kite from Grandpa Smith and a doggy pillow pet from his Grandma Teri! Thanks everyone!