Tuesday, November 27, 2012


WHAT'S NEW WITH US... It's a waiting game now! T-minus 4 weeks until my due date so the next post should be all about the new baby! We're very excited so keep an eye out! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
Almost done! I'm at 36 weeks now!

The Christmas tree is up and ready to go along with the little train that goes around it.

We added a little stocking for the baby this year, since Santa can't give him candy he'll have to wait til next year for his big stocking.

We did the annual painting of the cookies a little early this year, but they always have a blast doing it!

Elijah is very proud of his fish. :)

We also tried something different this year and made some "Turkey" cookies.

We've only had one snowfall so far this year and it melted pretty quickly but the boys enjoyed it while it lasted.

Almost 2 weeks ago the boys' Uncle Kevin left for the MTC. He will be on his way to Florida in a couple of days! They got one last picture with him the night before he left.

Monday, November 05, 2012


Our three little monsters!!

I was planning on doing a different costume for Enoch for Halloween, but he immediately wanted the Spiderman costume that he spotted as I was taking our decorations and costumes out this year. Here's a short performance from him, it was pretty cute.

The second video is from the night we carved our pumpkins. We found "monster suckers" at the store and bought them for the boys. A bit of hilarity ensued. :)

The boys' costumes for this year. Enoch was Spiderman, Ephraim was a ninja and Elijah was a jedi.

This was my costume. I wanted to do something fun since I have a pretty prominent belly this year. It got a few laughs and I even got some candy in my little pumpkin while trunk or treating!

These were our pumpkins for this year: Mummy, Cat, Monkey and Demon.

We went on a short hike for one Family Home Evening. The fall colors have been beautiful this year!!