Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Happenings!

WHAT'S NEW WITH US... We've had a fun summer so far. Only a few weeks left! Hopefully I've caught up with everything important. Very soon we will find out if our next baby is a boy or a girl so stay tuned for the good news coming in the next week!!
While Daddy and Mama were here, Daddy was asked to do a baby blessing for my friend Becky's baby. She is the granddaughter of Troy Jennings and has been my good friend since Primary. Here is baby Liam with Daddy and with his Mom and Dad.

Happy 7th Birthday Elijah!!

Elijah wanted a chocolate cake with sprinkles so I decided to at least be a little creative. He got to have family and friends over to celebrate! Grandpa and Grandma James were able to come which was really exciting!

A rocket set from Grandpa Smith!

A street hockey set from his Grandma Teri and some extra balls...

...and skates from Dad and Mom!

Thank you to Grandpa and Grandma James for the birthday money, I didn't get pictures of what he bought with it, woops!

Pioneer Day Parade!

The boys and I went to the Pioneer Day Parade with Grandpa Smith and Uncles. It rained but was still lots of fun!

The high school bands were their favorite!

Pam's 30th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Pam! Josh made her a special birthday cake! It's our van with everyone in it, including the baby that's on the way! :)

...and Thank You to Jerry, Laurie and family for giving me a special sandwich on my birthday while we were on the way to Arizona for Katrina's wedding!

Josh's 30th Birthday!

No birthday would be complete without pumpkin pie! Happy 30th Josh!