Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Well, we have had quite an eventful summer so far. Weddings, birthdays, reunions and crafts galore! Elijah graduated from Kindergarten and will be starting first grade this fall, Ephraim will be going into primary at the beginning of next year, and Enoch turned 1 and started walking this summer! It was so much fun to spend a week with my family in Zion, take a short girls' trip, and spend some time with my boys doing fun activities. We hope you all enjoy our pictures!

Elijah's Kindergarten Graduation!

Fun with boys...

Toward the beginning of summer Ephraim somehow managed to cut his face open while playing outside and needed 3 stitches...luckily he slept through getting the stitches put in which was wonderful for dad who took him to get them.

Mom and the boys made Dad the ugliest tie ever for Father's Day, but I think he liked it. :)

Home Depot Day

I usually take the boys to do some crafts a couple times a month to either Home Depot or Lowe's, but this one was especially fun because they got to make race cars and take a picture with a real one! There was also a small carnival with popcorn, snow cones and face painting!

Summer Weddings!

First Josh's Dad got re-married and we added Kristin and her two kids Annika and Isaac to the family. A week later Josh's little brother Curtis got married to Trenna!

Curtis and Trenna's Wedding!

James Family Reunion 2011

Day hike into Zion National Park!

Mom took a short trip to Salt Lake with her friends for a Harry Potter festival and had a blast!

Enoch Walking!!

Close to a month before his birthday, Enoch started walking! All of us were really excited for him! Go Enoch!

After a rainstorm there was this huge rainbow! I thought I'd snap a picture, and also take a picture of the flowers I planted before the summer heat killed them...which it kind of did. :(

Elijah's 6th Birthday!

Cupcakes and Fun!!

Pinata time!