Tuesday, November 01, 2011



We are making the most of the nice weather because the snow is just around the corner! We had lots of fun this fall, more wood workshops...fun activities with family, and Halloween!! The boys got way too much candy (really, it was making me nauseous just looking at all that, people were very generous this year) so we decided to send some via a sister in our ward to some soldiers who are abroad. It felt good to teach the boys a little about appreciating our military and we made a candy letter which I haven't done in a long time so that was fun! We got a lot of compliments on our Halloween costumes and I have to thank my new mother in law for letting me borrow her nice sturdy old sewing machine to do it because my cheap one sadly is not working anymore. We hope everyone had a great Halloween just like us!
Happy Halloween from D'Arjoshua, Elijos, Ephros, Enochis, and Milady Pamela!

At our ward party...
At Josh's Dad's ward party...

We did some rearranging this fall. The baby was old enough to be out of the crib and Elijah had outgrown the toddler size bunk bed so we got him a twin bed and he has his own room, for now. :) He's very happy about it!

Now Ephraim has the top of the bunk bed and Enoch has the bottom!

Elijah has done so well this year! His teacher loves him and he has mastery marks in every subject so far. He and two other classmates are being sent out of the 1st grade class a few times a week to work with some 2nd grade teachers on some more difficult work. So proud of our Elijah!

This year we painted pumpkins with Grandma and Grandpa Smith!

We went to a few more wood workshops this fall, this one had a firetruck there with some nice firefighters who let the boys take pictures in the truck!

Elijah made a fireboat and Ephraim made a fire rescue helicopter!

Grandpa and Grandma James were able to come by and see us before their trip and brought the boys some chocolate rocks! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

Our little drummer boy. :)

Enoch is growing up! He loves pushing this toy bus around and on this day Mr. Hot Potato got a ride!

Josh sang for the opening of our local baseball team, the Ogden Raptors, on Labor Day evening. It was raining pretty hard and this caused his wireless microphone to malfunction, but people were so nice and were singing back to him. It was really touching to hear all those people singing and he did such a good job despite the problems.

Josh and I took up a new hobby this summer. I was proud of myself for doing well, being a beginner and all, Josh threw his target away before I could snap a picture but he did better than me!